So I recently came across these super cute portable & rechargeable silicone animals called Lumipets. They come in different animals & some even have a bluetooth option that will allow you to stream music. Since we were on the lookout for a new nightlight for little man I reached out to the company & they graciously gifted us one! They come in 6 different animals (bear, bunny, owl, dragon, unicorn & a cat) and we picked the dragon. Let me tell you some of the best details about these nightlights:

  • It has 9 different color options
  • Tap controls
  • They’re made out of high quality silicone so it never gets hot
  • Slow flow or Blink mode
  • It’s portable so your Lumipet can travel with you!
  • Comes with a remote
  • Has a timer option
  • Brightness control
  • Washable

We’ve been using it every night since we’ve got it & it’s big sister approved-Aspyn absolutely loves it. Even the older two are pretty fascinated with it (they keep begging me to order one for their room). I have watched Aspyn squeeze, bite & be super rough with this Lumipet and I’m happy to say it’s survived it all! Her favorite thing to do is tap it and change the different colors. I only have to charge it every 2-3 days (which is pretty amazing for battery life) and the different color modes are entertaining even for me. The highest brightness is pretty bright which I’m happy with because it’s going to help me see during those 2 AM diaper changes. I love that when it’s time to soften the mood for bedtime I can easily lower the brightness with the remote. You can use the Lumipet even while it’s plugged in which is nice on those nights I don’t have it all together & charged up. I definitely recommend these for any baby or child, they would make the perfect gift! Especially if your little one is having issues with the dark & needing a nightlight of some sort. These Lumipets make the perfect companion to help keep the monsters away. I’ll link their website below but they can also be found on Amazon & Etsy (with free shipping). Check them out I promise you will not be disappointed!

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