LX Deluxe Play yard

We got gifted this wonderful play yard for baby boy from a company called Delta Children. It’s honestly the perfect addition we needed before he makes his arrival into the world. I had seen play yards with the bassinet & changer on top but never understood just how amazing & convenient they really make everything. I have 3 other kids and all I can say is- I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT.

My older two children are close in age so I used the same baby products for them (bassinet to crib to toddler bed). I didn’t even consider traveling anywhere for the fear of having to find a safe place for the baby to sleep. Once they were about 2 and 3 we started traveling overnight & I would bring along my basic ‘ol playpen for the youngest to sleep in. Now I honestly didn’t think I’d be having a third and fourth child but hey – LIFE HAPPENS. The gap between my oldest two and youngest two is about 5 years. I had stupidly gotten rid of every single baby item I had owned and when baby number three came along I had to go & rebuy all of the baby things. Now just like any mom sooo many things changed from baby products to “what’s allowed”/”whats not allowed”. I had always been a mom who uses a bassinet and transitions them into a crib. Now being on my 4th child I needed something a little more functional for the first year that also wouldn’t break the bank. My motherhood methods have changed so drastically from my first two kids to now. I don’t wait to travel anywhere anymore in fact a month after my third child was born we drove 9 hours to visit family for Christmas. Life doesn’t stop happening just because you have kids so I found its much easier to go with the flow but be prepared! The fact we will be welcoming baby number four into our already chaotic family dynamic I wanted to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. This play yard helps me be prepared for just about anything with my newborn because of it’s mobility & convenience!

Let me just tell you a little more about this playpen. You need no tools to set it up & it’s super easy. It only took me about 10-15 minutes to do it all by myself (and I’m 29 weeks pregnant). The bassinet & changer on top is easily removable which can turn this playpen from temporary newborn item to long-lasting & functional throughout the babies growth! It comes with hanging storage on the side & a CUTE plush toy mobile (that’s also easily removable). It comes in a carrying case which makes it convenient to pack up & take with you whenever you need! The best part about this play yard? The company, Delta Children. They have such high safety standards it’s a relief to know the product you’re buying for your child is dependable. All of their products are guaranteed to have no lead, heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde or fire retardant chemicals. They are tested in 8 different 3rd party facilities through the year & are JPMA certified. They’ve been around for over 50 years so they’re a great reliable company who values style & safety. If you haven’t ever heard of them check them out here. They have all types of baby gear that ranges from not only cribs/mattresses but strollers & walkers too! Not only are they safe but they’re super affordable. I highly recommend them for most of your big baby purchases.

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