The Car Seat Key

I’m a girl who LOVES to get her nails done, and by nails done I mean full on acrylics that give my natural nails some length. With my older 2 kids I always had to get them shorter because I couldn’t for the life of me get them out of their car seats or undo many other baby things. From my 2nd to 3rd kid I have fallen in love with how many new amazing products out there that exist-The Car Seat Key being one of them! So if you haven’t heard of them let me just brag about them for a second and change your life (or another mamas life)

A brother & sister came up with this design with Kristin (the sister) being a former manicurist. She had heard complaint after complaint from moms who broke a nail messing with that pesky red button in the center of the car seat. Their own mom also struggled with the button because of her rheumatoid arthritis. So they came up with this amazing creation that very easily clips onto your keychain! Not only does it help mothers who love to have fabulous nails but it helps with people who suffer from Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or Muscle, Joint, and Nerve Disorders. It’s child safety tested & approved so it in in no way affects the safety of the car seat itself. Super durable, non-toxic & not extremely heavy (so it won’t weigh down your keychain). If you absolutely aren’t happy with the product they’ll even refund you within 30 days of your purchase! Here’s a diagram of how it works:

I bought one of the purple ones (pictured above) and it’s been such a life saver with my daughter! I can get my nails longer just how I like without struggling to get her out of the car. I rant & rave about my love for them so much the company even sent me 2 new colors for my baby boy that’s due in March!

They have so many cute colors to pick from so let me link them here. They also have them listed on Amazon prime so if you’re a prime member you can get it shipped for free! Here is the link for that. If you’re a mom or mom-to-be I highly recommend you get one for yourself. Try it out & I promise you’ll probably fall in love with it like I did. They make great baby shower gifts or if you know someone who struggles with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or Muscle, Joint, or Nerve Disorders this would also be a great gift for them. I got one for my mom as a stocking stuffer because she’s constantly complaining about the struggle with my daughters car seat & always wants to borrow mine! I love this product for so many reasons & you should definitely check them out.

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