Tanologist Self Tan Water

So this summer I told myself I wouldn’t be super pale & I’d get a little sun. BUT here we are..already like 2 months into summer & those plans have gone out the window. We’ve been at the pool a few times but as I’ve gotten older it seems to take longer for my skin to hold ANY type of sun. I was minding my business in the beauty section at Target (hahaha who are we kidding that section gets 90% of us) and I stumbled across this self tanner “water”. Now I put that in quotations because when I first saw the word water I eye rolled & thought “this stuff isn’t even going to work being water based” but I was so wrong!! A few things about this product made me fall in love immediately after picking up the bottle:

  • The bottle was very aesthetically pleasing
  • They’re Vegan, Organic & Cruelty Free!
  • It said it wouldn’t transfer onto things (like my sheets or the couch)
  • The price ($16.99 @ Target)

I had a girlfriend who tried this product tell me she loved it & shared her before/after results. She told me to make sure I follow the instructions on the back of the bottle & to spray a little farther away from the skin (to help the tanner blend better in sections). So after falling in love with it pretty much the second I picked it up, it came home with me. I got the Medium tone. Now if I’m being honest..this stuff sat on my bathroom counter for like 2 weeks. Despite my friends testimony & having self tanner knowledge I was terrified I would come out orange. I am so happy to report that this stuff DOES NOT leave you orange/streaky if applied correctly!! If you haven’t ever applied a self tanner I recommend watching a few videos to pickup some tricks/tips. Having that knowledge beforehand I think helps with how the self tanner comes out.

I’m honestly in love with this self tanner & it’ll probably become a part of my weekly beauty routine (the stuff I always do once a week for self-care). It was super easy to apply, the water thing is actually genius, and it didn’t get on any of my furniture while waiting for it to deposit! I applied this stuff to my whole body & barely even used anything out of the bottle. Just shows the price point is amazing if I’m going to get tons of uses out of it! I let it be for a little over 4 hours. I was a decent color when I came out of the shower & it definitely deepened as I slept through the night. I don’t mind looking tan but for someone who’s going for the more natural “softer” look I would wash it off around the 3 hour mark for sure. My knees/ankles/elbows/ankles don’t have this weird transition color on them like they usually do with some self tanners. I just made sure to really rub in around those areas when wearing my mitt. If you don’t have a self tanning mitt you can get them at Target, Ulta or Sephora.

So here’s my top favorite things I loved about this product:

  • It was easy & fast to apply
  • Barely used any of the bottle for my whole body
  • Natural tan look I was going for
  • It honestly didn’t get on any of my clothes/furniture
  • They’re cruelty free!
  • Didn’t leave weird streaky marks

I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a self tanner on a budget that won’t make you look orange/streaky! I’m a mom that doesn’t have time to waste but still trying to make a little time for myself. Being able to use this product quickly while still doing my everyday tasks & seeing great results is a major win for me! I honestly don’t feel like I have to break the bank to do something that makes me feel amazing and that feels so good. The next time you’re wandering around in your local Target check it out, you won’t regret it I promise!

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