Hair transformation-from blue to pink πŸ’–

Had this in my drafts for a little while now. Finally decided to post πŸ’˜

I was going to wait until after babygirl decided to make her debut to switch hair colors BUT she’s taking forever so I decided if anything it would help speed things along πŸ˜‚ I’m transitioning from blue to pink (again)-I always seem to come back to pink because I just love it so much!

So let me start by saying-it’s hard to color your hair at home especially when bleach is involved. If you have the money go to a salon where a licensed professional can get you lighter without damaging your hair-especially if you’ve never attempted this before. You gotta really know what you’re doing to make sure you get every section of your hair without damaging it or you end up in a salon spending tons of money to fix it. If you feel like you can do it but you’ll need help with the back of your head just ask someone to help! There’s a few different videos on YouTube that show how to section your hair & how to properly bleach hair. If you haven’t ever been guided on a bleaching technique SERIOUSLY watch a video just so you can know what you’re getting yourself into. Maybe next time I’ll make a step by step video to show you guys in more detail. Some people can bleach their hair themselves and it works out perfectly fine meanwhile others end up damaging their hair super bad. I can’t tell you which type of person you are but just know when it comes to bleach being involved- be cautious. And that’s advice from a licensed professional.

I always use Pulp Riot for my color now, I used to use Joico (and still transition back to them sometimes) but Pulp Riot has recently won my heart with its tones & mostly because I love the way it fades. I have always switched between different shades doing whatever I could but recently I’m focused on saving the integrity of the hair while still having it look amazing. When I use bleach, I always use Olaplex, because without it you can seriously damage your hair. I never usually have to bleach more than once and if I do need to touch up some spots I’ll give it a 24 hour break in between. Instead of just bleaching my hair twice I’ve also used a few other methods that have helped not damage my hair. A bleach wash* or even using dawn dish soap will work just as well to remove any leftover color without damaging it as bad as a second bleach session. This time I used a color remover and I’m pretty impressed with the results after one session. It honestly seems to have worked better than bleach, taking out more of the color. Since I’ve been using Pulp Riot I decided to use their color remover & I highly recommend it!

*a bleach wash is equal parts bleach, shampoo and developer put on damp hair. If you google bleach wash you’ll be able to find a step by step guide or if you have any questions you can message me & I’ll answer them.

I had a little bit of a icy blue tone in my blonde so after I stripped it I washed it with some dawn dish soap & it helped to balance it out. I let my hair air dry since I didn’t have any plans & waited until the next day to put the pink in. The longer you give your hair time to breathe the better it holds color I’ve noticed.

I mixed Pulp Riot Cupid & Candy together and was in love with the color outcome. I’m not sure what the recommend time is for leaving the pink on but depending on what I’m doing that day I’ll leave it on for a few hours. I usually just put a disposable shower cap on & do stuff around my house. I’ve found the longer you leave the color on it deposits better. When I rinse out the color I don’t shampoo it the first time. Using cold water make sure you rinse the hair color out very well. Sometimes I’ll follow up with conditioner if I think my hair needs it but usually pulp riot makes my hair feel so soft afterwards 😍 Pulp Riot is a professional hair color so buying could be a little difficult without being licensed. I’ve seen a few places online that sell it but I’m not sure how legit they are so do your research if you buy from them (check reviews from other buyers). I think next time I’m going to try a brand that’s more accessible to the public. I’m not a huge fan of Manic Panic because the color tones were off & never made me happy plus it always faded SUPER quick. I think I’ll try Arctic Fox since I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. They’re also just like Pulp Riot and are 100% vegan, cruelty free & are ammonia free! That’s why I love Pulp Riot so much πŸ’˜

Even weeks later it’s still vibrant & the perfect shade of pink for me! I’m glad I made the transition back to pink & eventually I’ll do my roots whenever I have the time or patience πŸ˜‚ I’ll probably make a step by step video next time just so it’s easier to see the whole process. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Not only am I licensed but I’ve switched my hair color about 200 times doing it myself so I’ve gained tips & tricks on how to deal with each different scenario along the way.

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