Final preparations

The final countdown has begun for little miss Aspyn to join our family! I’ve been slowly progressing in dilation (from 2 to 2.5 over the past week) but if she doesn’t make her appearance soon I’ll be having a c-section the 29th. It’s exciting because I never dilated with any of my other pregnancies and I’ve gotten farther than I did when I was induced with my first born. I was in labor for what seemed like forever with Autumn! They did induce me and eventually I was on the max amount of pitocin I could get and had only progressed to 2 cm after 20 hours of exhaustion 😩 I ended up getting a c-section because she was at risk & with my Noah I didn’t even dilate at all. Both babies went past 40 weeks but I hit 38 and started dilating so I’m just shocked in the female body and what it’s capable of doing sometimes! This is my third pregnancy so maybe that’s why I’m progressing quicker & if she didn’t have so many health issues I’d consider a Vbac birth. Since it’s what’s best for me & baby I’ll be having a c-section November 29th (regardless if she comes early or not that’s the birth plan).


I had this whole plan to take maternity pictures in the mountains with this dress I’d bought from Pinkblush months ago & slowly but surely the plans kept falling through. I was determined to get some type of picture in this dress with my belly so while in the middle of labor my man suggested a milk bath photoshoot and his idea absolutely genius. He knew I was super bummed I hadn’t taken any pictures so I got ready, we set up my ring light & used his new Iphone to take some amazing pictures in our very own bath tub! I used my editing software & we had such an amazing outcome with them I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Eventually I plan on investing in a professional camera for myself, I love taking pictures of my family and the beautiful landscape in Colorado. The camera I have my eyes set on is a couple thousand dollars so obviously that’s just gunna have to wait a little while I save up for that. I plan on doing a blog post of what exactly I used for this photoshoot & just how easy it was to get these awesome spur of the moment maternity pictures. Not all of us have hundreds or even thousands to spend but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some good quality pictures on a budget!

The kids are super excited to have her here, they feel like it took forever (I think we all kinda feel that way 😂). With each of the other kiddos I always had their own room I could decorate into a nursery but this time we’re sharing our master bedroom with her. I made the most out of a situation I wasn’t happy with and just completely went all out to decorate her side of the room. Hobby lobby was having some AMAZING sales last week so I picked up a couple things & got to crafting. The kids loved helping me organize how all the decorations would go on the wall & painting her name letters. Once the baby is here & I’ve recovered from surgery we’re actually going to make some letters for their room! I’ll do a step by step on just how easy it was & the kids loved it 💕 Here’s the final outcome of the wall above her crib. I think it came out pretty awesome & makes me happy I could make Aspyn’s side of the room special for her.

The after product of Aspyn’s side of the room

(Video preview of the wall above her crib, I just love the way it turned out)


We had her last ultrasound last week & she was hiding her face completely 😂 Had her leg and her hand covering her face so we couldn’t get any of the 3-D images to look decent but we did get a good side profile view. She was weighing over 7 pounds last week so I’m curious to see how much she’s going to weigh when she’s born-whenever that is!

I’m sooo ready for her to be here. It seems like this pregnancy has taken forever since we found out (6 weeks). But she will come when the time is right or we evict her November 29th ☺️😂 If she does wait until the 29th to make her world debut we’ll have 3 birthdays in a row at the end of November. My daughters birthday is the 28th, Aspyn’s will be the 29th & mine is the 30th. I just think it would be so awesome and special to have our birthdays all close together like that 🥰 My man on the other hand said he isn’t excited about the dent it’ll make in his wallet every year 😂😂

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