Favorite Face Masks ✨

When it comes to face masks you could say I’m kind of addicted to them 😬 I love keeping my skin clear, hydrated & refreshed so I usually will try to do 2-3 face masks a week. I don’t do the same mask all week, I usually switch it up based off whatever my face is needing. I realized I prefer clay/mud & sheet masks over the peel off kind. So let’s talk about the masks I absolutely cannot live without & what I had in stock in my beauty drawer!

Origins clear improvement active charcoal mask

1.7 oz (travel size)- $17 at Ulta or $17.50 at Sephora

3.4 oz- $28

I love this mask because whenever my skin is out of control I can use this mask to help get it together. It’s a deep cleansing mask because of the charcoal & it isn’t just limited to your face. Having some problem areas on other parts of your body? This will definitely help clear it up! I also tend to have oily based skin so this helps to control those oils without completely drying out my skin.

Clinique acne solutions oil control cleansing mask


I love Clinique for lots of skin care related items. Their face washes, toners, masks are all amazing & have always done wonders for my skin. This mask helps to heal blemishes & goes deep to unclog pores. If I notice I have a some cystic acne this is my go to. Because of the salicylic acid medication sometimes this mask can dry out my skin if left on for a long time. Usually I’ll leave it on for 5-10 mins max & follow up with a moistruzier. This product is oil free which helps when I’m trying to battle my oily skin.

Yes to tomatoes acne fighting bubbling paper mask


This mask is super easy to use with pretty much no effort. I’ll usually pickup this mask whenever I’m in Target & know I’m going to have a relaxing bubble bath later. You literally just take the paper mask out of the packing & put it on your face. I like this one because it bubbles up which I find kinda unique & fun 😝 it has salicylic acid in it to help fight acne and doesn’t leave my face feeling dried out afterwards.

I love a lot of the Yes to products because they’re affordable & come in a variety of options to meet your skincare needs. From paper masks to clay to peel off-you can find whatever your preference is. You can also mix & match products from hydrating to soothing to brightening to skin clearing helping you tackle all of your skin care needs.

Draw it all out skin detoxing peel mask

$6.99 at Ulta

I’ll start by saying this is my least favorite one. I usually only use it on my T-zone but hate putting it over my whole face. Before I use it, I wash my face with super hot water & put a steamy wash cloth over to help open my pores before applying this. The downside to that is that it takes longer for the mask to dry. It smells very alcohol based & to be honest it’s my least favorite charcoal based mask. I usually only use it on my nose when I’m noticing a build up of blackheads that need to be taken care of. The other peel off masks from this brand I do love though. I didn’t have any on hand to take pictures of but they have a hydrating seaside glow which keeps your skin looking refreshed & get your glow on which helps to brighten and tighten your skin. Those also seem to not smell as strong & I can manage to put those over my whole face.

These are the other 2 peel off masks I was talking about

I follow up almost all face masks with a moisturizer & will sometimes use gel pads for underneath my eyes. I don’t like using eye cream because the skin under my eyes tends to be more sensitive to products I’ve noticed. I’ve only found a few companies I’ve liked but Juice Beauty takes the cake on my #1 go-to for when I’m wanting to use some kind of under eye gel pad.

Juice beauty stem cellular instant eye lift


I love these eye pads because they leave the skin under my eyes looking refreshed, hydrated & help to reduce the wrinkles that have started to set in. Even on the days when my eyes seem a bit puffy (I can thank mom hood for that) they help to reduce the puffiness without leaving my skin looking irritated afterwards like some other brands I’ve tried. I also really love this brand because of the all organic products they use for everything in the skincare & makeup line. For someone like me with super sensitive skin I know I can use their products without having some type of crazy reaction afterwards. If you haven’t heard of them yet I definitely recommend you check them out.

Skin care has become so important to me over the years as I get older. I’ve found myself focusing on healthier skin instead of makeup covering techniques. Over the last year I’ve been dedicating myself to getting naturally clear skin & finding affordable products (not just the high end ones) to do the job. Even with battling pregnancy hormones I’ve been able to keep my crazy skin in control! I love the days when I can go bare face & feel confident now because I’ve tackled my acne problems. Plus I’ve found with clearer skin as the base its much easier doing my makeup & allows me to focus on other things like crazy eyeshadow looks or ombré lip colors. I’ll do another blog post on my favorite face washes, moisturizers, toners & acne treatments.

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